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What we do

We provide services on a 'business to business' basis and to personal clients.  Our aim is to help and support the people and organisations that we are delighted to become acquainted with through the provision of professional coaching and training provided by fully qualified and experienced experts.  

We specialise in enabling leaders, managers and employees to effectively address their personal anxiety and stress related conditions, especially in relation to the workplace.  We do this initially through a combination of education in the disciplines of neuroscience and body chemistry to promote a heightened self-awareness.  

Throughout we additionally coach our clients in the simple steps necessary to take control of the brain and bodily elements and processes that are causing their anxiety and stress, and so empower them to quickly and naturally break the cycles that they have been experiencing. 

"We teach them how to take control"

Through targeted individual and team support, workshops and training our aim is to bring a significant positive difference to the organisation.  Attendance, retention and motivation are all improved, leading to a direct correlation of improved competitiveness and Bottom-Line performance.

Part of our service includes a whole or part organisation-wide assessment of people wellbeing and resilience.  This provides a powerful and confidential individual profile across the five pillars of support, resilience, relationships, role, and health and happiness for each participating employee, validated to 98.4% accuracy.  The anonymous accumulation of these produce a similar profile for the organisation that can inform executive decision-making in the allocation finite resources, leading to significant cost-savings.

"Attendance, retention and motivation are all improved"

We would be pleased to explore your wellbeing and resilience challenges with you to see if we can help.  Contact us by clicking the 'Find out more' button below.


We have been helping customers since 2010 when Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited (ATW) was originally founded, then known as Approaches for Performance Excellence Limited, by Tom Morrell.  Its main focus was to provide specialist consultancy around leadership and management, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement.

Today, ATW's journey has evolved to concentrate on wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.  Whilst the above services of consultancy and training support continue to be available as part of the wellbeing and resilience package, ATW now specialises on enabling individuals to move from 'threat' to 'personal empowerment' through professional coaching.  See 'What we do" above for more information.

Have a read below of the interview with our founder, Tom Morrell. or find out more by clicking the button below.

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Interview with our Founder - Tom Morrell


Q - Tom, what inspired you to create your business?

A - My background was policing in London, which I left as a chief inspector.  I think after 33 years I had come to the end of the road in what more I could offer the organisation and felt that it was right to add value elsewhere.  I had been commended for my leadership on three occasions and had also specialised in leading the Metropolitan Police Service corporate diversity and inclusion teams, so I had much skill and experience to share.  So I set up the business.

Q - How did you choose the business name?

A - Since 1998 I have worked closely with the British Quality Foundation using the European Foundation Quality Management Excellence Model (EFQM) through which I have been assessing a range of public, private and not-or-profit organisations, such as local authorities, GSK, TNT and other large entities. The EFQM Excellence Model is, in my view, one of the best holistic quality management model around and it focuses on an organisation's approaches to the processes that it uses to enable excellence.  The name of my company flowed from that ' Approaches for Performance Excellence'.  it was a very exciting time.  Of course, now that the company has moved into the more niche market of wellbeing and resilience we have changed its name to Alive and Thrive Wellbeing, which more aptly reflects what we are about.

"Alive and Thrive Wellbeing .... more aptly reflects what we are about"

Q - How did you get the the point of dealing with wellbeing and resilience?

A - Its quite a journey, but I'll try to keep it short.  Like I said, I had been heavily involved in diversity and inclusion and when David Macleod and Nita Clark published their report to the Prime Minister on Employee Engagement, I immediately saw the connection.  I used to think that diversity and inclusion was just about fairness, the Equality Act, and so on.  In fact my training in organisations and lecturing in universities tended to only focus on this narrow field, but that changed. 

I became intensely involved in the Employee Engagement movement through Engage for Success and I came to realise that people, all of us, are unique individuals.  This may be obvious, but many do not see it that way.  Our uniqueness begins at the point of conception, our country of birth, through our upbringing and environment, our education and unique experiences; nature and nurture, if you like.  

Although I was lecturing leaders from multi-national companies on Executive MBA courses and International Human Resource Management about the skills and abilities of being effective, it became patently obvious that the thing that was holding individuals back from being really excellent was, well, themselves!

Q - What do you mean that the thing holding individuals back from being excellent was themselves?

A - You will be aware of the of the huge momentum driving neuroscience, which I find absolutely fascinating.  I became a member of the Neuroleadership Institute, that was the front runner in the neuroscience race.  I was thirsty to know more and have now trained as a Level 5 Neuchem Coach through the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

Neuchem coaching, a term coined by psychologist and biologist Maria Paviour, brings psychology and neuroscience into the world of coaching.  We are each, if you like, living cocktails of chemicals. Chemicals within us are triggered by the ecology that we sense is around us, and they can naturally make us really scared or feel great.  So, for example, I worked with one executive who would not engage with their staff because inside they were a complete bag of nerves.  Neuchem coaching enabled that person to get into the driving seat of their brain, take control and release only those chemicals that make one feel great.  This results were reduced fear and excellent engagement with staff and others.

Q - What does Neuchem coaching involve?

A - Neuchem is a specialist coaching programme that usually consists of six sessions spread over six weeks, although that can vary. We enable our clients to review the issues that are holding them back.  Once these become visual, we can then start to unpack them, park them, and help the client to take charge of their brain and body.  The results can be spectacular.

Q - What sort of size and organisations does the company engage with?

A - Any organisation that needs our support.  We work closely with a range of professionally qualified coaches, so size is not too much of an issue.  Wellbeing profiles can be provided to any number of employees, for example we have been working with one of our partners that supports an organisation of 8,000 employees.  On a smaller scale, we provide training and laughter sessions for businesses and charities.