Personal resilience coaching

Personal resilience coaching and workshops


Positive resilience coaching brings neuroscience and body chemistry into the coaching and workshop arena. The approach, developed by biologist and psychologist Maria Paviour over the last 20 years is safe, confidential and completely different from routine coaching models and therapies. 

Preceding coaching and workshops employees will normally have completed the Care and Resilience Index (CARI™) app that accurately measures their individual wellbeing.  They receive a personal profile on their device that provides an informed basis upon which they and their coach use to understand what is getting in the way of their ability to perform brilliantly, before setting goals.  This is a unique and fantastically effective approach to coaching.  

The anonymous cumulation of CARI™ app results provides an informed organisation wellbeing profile.  What better way to use organisational resources effectively by focusing them on the issues that really matter and are bespoke to an organisation, rather that a broad-brush approach to training. 


Positive resilience coaching is underpinned by science which occurs in two ways.  First, the employee's completion of their CARI™ app questionnaire and the subsequent production of their personal CARI™ profile; and second through the application of a unique positive resilience 6-stage coaching programme.  

The CARI™ app questionnaire provides a validated 98.4% accurate profile of the employee's wellbeing.  It is broken down across the five pillars of Support, Resilience, Relationships, Role, and Happiness/Health, each with its own rating and supporting commentary.  This provides the starting point for positive resilience coaching.   

Unlike other coaching models, positive resilience coaching does not focus on goals and objectives until the end of the 6-stage coaching process.  With the employee's consent the ILM qualified coach, using specific science related approaches,  will enable the employee to review their situation and, throughout the process of discovery and realisation, move from a position of threat to one of reward.

The qualified positive resilience coach will intersperse the coaching with tailored positive psychological interventions personal to the employee's disposition that provide an immediate coping strategy to help them managed life and the workplace early in the programme.


Wellbeing and resilience workshops provide an excellent opportunity for a whole team to review where they are at.  The content of a workshop will be guided by the need of respective organisations, but may include a focus on specifics that are revealed via the organisation wellbeing profile, a greater understanding of the neuroscience and body chemistry that drives behaviour, and some positive psychological interventions that enable one to quickly and effectively deal with anxiety, putting one into a feeling of calm and positivity.

Special features

  • Based on the latest research
  • Moves people from threat to reward
  • Coaching is accredited by the ILM
  • Delivered in-house or elsewhere
  • Confidential and personal
  • Highly effective
  • Promotes improved performance 
  • Reduces business costs