We have had the pleasure of working with the above organisations across the range of our services.

“The coaching was very effective and it has given me a different perspective and the exercise shown would definitely help relieve stress and increase my productivity.” (DATABAC Group Ltd, Manager)

"Would have loved to have more [coaching] sessions.  Very helpful" (Pension Protection Fund - Employee)

"Thanks so much for this {programme design) – it’s looking great!"  (Samsung L&D, Programme Design)

"Thank you so much for providing the training session to the group - It was very enjoyable!" (BBC, Assistant Project Manager)

'23% of the participants at the start of the workshop identified that they felt more strongly towards being depressed/ill/very low.  By the  end all of those identified that they felt a leaning  more towards being 'amazing/free/fantastic'. (London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), workshop feedback)

“The programme was productive, tailored to our needs, and most importantly action-oriented. We have concrete actions to implement now." (Blackboard Inc. HR Director)

“Really enjoyed my coaching session.  I felt very comfortable and came away from the session feeling good about myself.” (DATABAC Group Ltd, Manager)

“We have a clear revised management structure and new processes that will promote improved performance of staff and enable us to grow the school in the challenging education market.” (Headteacher, Westminster Cathedral Choir School)

"The session run on diversity and inclusion was really interesting.  It made me think about what motivates me and the way that I behave sometimes and I can use that to look at the way other people behave and how we can help to influence change to build the culture that we want in our workplace."  (Metropolitan Housing Housing Trust Limited, HR Manager)

"The coaching session was useful to be myself and express my thoughts on my wellbeing and being independent." (Pension Protection Fund, employee)

"Tom was able to make our member of staff grasp this concept [Diversity and inclusion] and change his point of view. The outcome was that the member of staff understood and realised how important diversity and fairness is within the workplace. (HR Manager, Augustus Green Printers Ltd)

“Just wanted to thank you for some really inspiring sessions that you have delivered.” (Principal Lecturer for HRM, University of Rohampton)