Training design and delivery

A significant  inhibitor of wellbeing and resilience is poor management.  We help you plug this gap by providing bespoke in-house training to support leaders and managers lead and manage better.

Our focus is on improving wellbeing and resilience in organisations.  Whilst specialist support is available via our NeuChen® programme, some organisations just want to upskill their leaders and managers more traditionally, and that is what we provide here.

Management and leadership

Management and leadership training might include people management skills, facilitation skills, how to deal with challenging conversations, coaching skills, dealing with discipline and grievance issues.  This is not an exhaustive list, it is provided here to give you an idea of the range of training that can promote wellbeing and resilience through managers in an organisation.

Diversity and inclusion

Relationships and a feeling of belonging can be greatly enhanced by providing managers and staff with effective diversity and inclusion training.  Diversity and inclusion training may include knowledge of what we mean by diversity in terms of people difference, legal requirements, and differing attributes that provide for a balanced and effective team.  It may extend to activities that can promote inclusion, such as understanding and mitigating against unconscious bias.

Employee engagement

Since the publication of the MacLeod/Clarke government report 'Engaging for success: enhancing performance through employee engagement' in 2008, much has been done to promote employee engagement in organisations.  Academia has undertaken new research to further our understanding of employee engagement in the workplace, and the foundation of 'Engage for Success', a national movement promoting employee engagement, provides focus.  Our training captures all the latest thinking around effective employee engagement and it can be tailored to meet the varying needs of organisations.

Special features

  • Focus on wellbeing and resilience
  • Based on the latest research
  • In-house
  • Bespoke design
  • Experienced trainers
  • Cost effective
  • Promotes loyalty, cohesion, motivation and performance