Wellbeing and resilience questionnaire and profiles

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Wellbeing and resilience profiles

The Care and Resilience Index (Cari™) is a unique wellbeing questionnaire developed by biologist and psychologist Maria Paviour over 20 years that provides every employee with a wellbeing and resilience profile  These can be converted into an organisation profile to help target resources on wellbeing and resilience.

This questionnaire is sent as an app to the individual device of every employee.  No business is too large!  It is safe and has been thoroughly validated for reliability, providing a 98.4% accurate profile.

The questionnaire

Clear instructions enable the employee to complete the questionnaire in about 10 minutes. There are a range of clear questions that are easily answered from two perspectives.  First, some questions are aimed at what the employee is thinking in relation to their wellbeing;  next, the employee is invited to gauge their emotional response to diverse wellbeing related situations.  

The questionnaire explores five pillars surrounding a person's wellbeing, as reflected by the Health and Safety Executive :  the support they receive, their resilience, relationships, their role, and happiness and health.  

Personal profiles

Once submitted the employee receives an immediate personal and confidential wellbeing profile directly to their device, which is stored on IBM servers based in Ireland. Only the employee can give permission for another person to view their wellbeing profile. It is not shared with their organisation.

The employee wellbeing profile assesses both what the individual is thinking and feeling in relation to the five pillars of wellbeing: Support, Resilience, Relationships, Role, and Happiness/Health. These are rated and the outcome is given a score out of 100%, displayed in a graph reflecting both aspects of wellbeing.  It includes supportive commentary and guidance on where to seek wellbeing support, as required.

Organisation profile

Subject to anonymity being assured, individual wellbeing profiles may be anonymously accumulated to provide an organisation wellbeing profile. This rich information highlights the key areas across the five pillars where the executive should focus resources in order to achieve the best return on investment in its promotion of wellbeing across the organisation.  There is also the option of receiving a full report giving in-depth analysis, advice and recommendations.

Special features

  • Safe
  • Confidential
  • Validated to 98.4% accuracy
  • Sent to any device
  • Easy to complete
  • Immediate profile provided
  • Organisational profile produced
  • Suitable for all SMEs and large businesses
  • Enables the business to focus resources exactly where required for maximum benefit